Why Most of the people want to quit blogging?

There are several reasons why people want to quit blogging. Here I am going to list out the reasons and guess what??? Yes you are correct going to tell you how to come out from the thinking. Probably I am the one who quit blogging for long while. Now I came back to write very first post after the long span. It is going to be very interesting.


    The time is the most horrible things for the bloggers. Am I kidding you? Nope. For every people time might be the concern but for the bloggers that is going to be double headache. We spend lots of time to find the right topic, most of the time end up with deviating to something which is 0% related to our search. After the long gap we might have find the topic, of course it takes plenty of hours to write the topic then have to spend enough time to made it looks interesting for the readers. Awwee that’s horrible right. Most of the bloggers never sleeps. Don’t look at me I sleep well but in the morning time :P. That’s true we get more innovative ideas only at night or when we are in middle of the sleep.  So I rank time as the first priority to quit blogging.

Higher studies or Business or Job:

    This might be the reason for most of the bloggers quit blogging. I am one among them. No, No don’t look at me like that, really I am going to continue blogging here onwards :P.  Why because I have no idea and I love it. This helps me to kill the time with the happiness. You know spending time for blogging is the addition for the bloggers. I want to give few suggestions to the people who want to quit blogging for this reason I am damn sure nothing will give such a wonderful feel other than blogging. Where ever you go whatever you study even go to job spend time to write blog. I am pretty sure one day you will feel proud of you work. Don’t ask me when? I am sure one day will come.  Whatever happens take a small break and come back to blogging.  


Blog results:

    When you are working hard or spending lots of time on blogging it’s not the bad thing to expect the results. But most of the time this results disappoint us. Every bloggers faced the same problem in their bad phase. Of course I too faced this. Hope will be facing the same in upcoming days. Hope I will have the guts to overcome it. This is my suggestion for you guys. Please turn off your blog trackers/stats, don’t even look into your earnings (Don’t raise your eye brows like that), just spend your precious time just to write blogs. You will never know the stats/earnings might surprise you after few days. If that surprise you in the reverse manner think you got a great time in the blogging. One day will come that time your blog will rock. Be patient that will happen soon.


Whenever I have come across this feel I will discuss with my friends who are still in blogging more importantly successful bloggers. They guide me so kindly and encourage me to try little harder. I am so thankful to have such a great people around me. I request you all to be patient and love blogging. I am pretty sure one day you will feel happy for what you do.