Top 10 free Racing Games for Android mobiles 2017

Mobile gaming happens everywhere and anytime. Irrespective of age groups we see people around us play mobile games. This is an increasing phenomenon which will never fall. While the gaming trend changes every day, the android games developers find innovative ideas to keep the industry rolling at a fast pace. Nowadays, if we have an android with games you can be defined as a gamer because we pass as much time on our devices as the traditional games (PC / game console). In fact, game developers release more mobile games than traditional video games, because it is easier to develop. That’s why we can find hundreds of games on App Store and one of the most popular genres is racing game. Most of our friends love to play racing games because they offer a fast paced action without learning any moves. Racing games are simple and exciting at the same time. So if you love to play racing games then take a look at our Top 10 racing games for Android, best Racing Games for Android Mobile in India and other Countries.

No. 1: Real Racing 3

This is an exciting in terms of having a realistic simulation for a car racing game. You can almost feel like you are part of the game inside your screen. It has the license from different car companies like Porsche, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. your dream to drive these cars will come true virtually though. It has Time trials, Ghost challenges, Social Leader boards, real-time multiplayer as well as TSM technology which allows doing racing anytime by anyone.


No. 2 Asphalt 8

This is absolutely a different type of racing game. By means of distinct options like octane boosters, high-speed, lightings, shadows, streets. It got cool stuffs like jumps and ramps that allow you to perform virtual stunts and keep your excitement high. The user can use a career mode to open up 100 cars and 13 more tracks within the game. You will be glued to this game with its amazing graphics and sound tracks it has.

No. 3: Beach Buggy Blitz

A simple game with lot of fun made this game to enter the top list of android games.  You need to race in the coast to cross the checkpoints within a time limit. The real challenge is that you have to avoid your competitors in the track and you have to avoid the animals, huts and other hurdles that may come in your track. You will really enjoy your gaming with these simple features such as its, lighting, water and dust effects.


No. 4: GT Racing 2

Your missions will be unique at every level, and you can try out a huge number of cars and in 13 different tracks when you choose a campaign mode. You will certainly like its options to modify the vehicle you want to drive and do a test driving.

No. 5 Need for Speed No Limits

This is a hugely successful game which had transition from game consoles to smart phones. It provides both street racing experience as well as ride-pimping. One needs to smartly use the nitro and drift option to enjoy the real thrill.


No. 6: Traffic Rider

This motorbike race game an experience of infinite racing missions which will make you to just feel like you are using a best android racing game. You will be able to do whatever you can do which is not possible in real traffic like you can cross two hundred kms per hour in speed with no cops around you.

No. 7: Horizon Chase

When you want to do a racing of the eighties and nineties you will definitely get excited with the way its graphics at 16-bit along with that music to your ears. This could be nostalgic for the first gamers.


No. 8: Riptide GP2

This will be one of the greatest experiences to the water race game lovers. You also have a carrier mode in this. It offers a finest simulation effect with realistic water effects and with the kind of different modes one will never feel bored.

No. 9: Mini Motor Racing

You can have fun with lot of circuits especially with the bird’s eye view mode. It got a decent level of controls to keep you excited.


No. 10: Driver Speedboat

It got an exciting storyline to it and has wonderful graphical effects keeping any player dipped in this water game. You got carrier and multi player mode along with so many exciting circuits for you to open up.