TOP 5 Android Photo Editing Application for Android

 We all know that taking photos and running to a Photoshop specialist to beautify your album had now considered Stone Age. In this smart phone era one simply needs to download a photo editing app for the job. Everyone likes to share what they want to share. To fulfill this need of the mobile phone users, there are a few apps which are highly usable as well as enjoyable. With only little touches you can create extraordinary photos and instantly share them with your friends or post them at your social media pages as you wish. Features such as color effects, tones, frames, cropping, merging, can be played around with these top list of photo editing apps and enhance your every snaps.


The top five Android apps are:


This app is recently made available for free of cost. This app operates both in Android as well as iOS this got a wonderful collection of colour filters better than any other apps. However you will need to buy certain filters of your choice. But still there more filters available for free which will satisfy most of the users and are good reasons for sticking to this app.


The tool kit has options for contrast, saturation, tint, brightness, crop, sharpness, shadows, highlights, rotate and so on. This ensures that all features that are required for photography professional are in place for photo editing. However, there are few more photo editing options which can only be used by experts in photography and might be difficult to get used to for a beginner. This can be overcome by The preset options in this photo editing app are already delighting a huge user base and you will definitely not like to miss this one in your smart phone.

 2. Instagram

A famous app which does not need any introduction. Beyond photo editing this app connects you to the whole social media world. You can instantly share your photo with your friends and family as well. There a number of filters in this app entice majority of the common users but might not satisfy a power user though. Your photos can be liked and commented by your friends.  With the kind of popularity and voluminous users this app certainly takes its position within the top five apps when it comes to photo editing and beyond.

 3. Pixlr-o-matic

Your one destination for photo editing is this popular photo editing app for Android phones. Our items in your gallery get beautified with just few touches of this app. This can add lightning effects, exposure effects, contrast, etc. this can very effectively remove the spots with a photograph which you don’t want to have. This impeccably corrects the picture you want to correct. One of the important aspects that make this app to enter in this list is the user-friendliness and instant touch up facilities available for the user. You will definitely like some awesome effects like sketch, poster, halftone and pencil effects. You can count on this app for all your photo editing needs.

 4. Snapseed

 One of the finest apps to bring the features from your desktop to your tiny mobile screen. It got an amazing option to blur a specific part in an image which you normally don’t find in a typical photo editing app.  There are other standard options for colour, contract, brightness, as well. One of the most unique features of this app is that it got its buttons floating over the photo you want to edit. One needs to just touch them modify or beautify the image.

 5. Flickr

With its big community of photographers this app has advanced editing options which fine tunes any image. Its community got a massive volume of 13 billion photos, 120 million people, and 2 million groups. This app is definitely one of the best photos editing app and can be very well used to manage your photos online along with a large community. If you are photography lover you will not like to miss an opportunity to be a part of a bigger community of Flickr by sharing your wonderful photographs.