How to improve PC Performance tips

If you are visiting this page, then you are really in need to understand how to increase your computer’s performance. Before you really go and buy a brand new PC or laptop for yourself by replacing your old laptop or PC just go through these tips to understand how to increase your computer’s performance. These tips are really affordable and easy to boost your old computers performance. Let us see one by one the tips to increase your PC performance.


  1. Upgrade your RAM speed

If you are after so much of activities to be performed in your computer, but still want to keep up the speed of your old computer then start to find out ways of upgrading your computers RAM. Combine your RAM along with an SSD in your old computer which will change the fate of your old PC. It can almost perform like a brand new computer if you can spend little more to increase your RAM speed if you are under 2 GB. This is really cool and simple way to improve your PC performance.


  1. Upgrade to SSD.

One of the nice ways to increase your PC speed you can install a modern SSD and see the change. Since there is no moving part in an SSD the reading and writing speed will be extremely high comparing to your old existing hard drives which spins for reading and writing data. Though it could be little costly to buy the storage space you can still offer to pay for the speed it offer. You can use the free backup applications to move your existing OS and other media files from your old hard disc to your Shiny new SSD once installed. If there are still problem you can use USB 3 adaptor to complete the job.


  1. PC cleaner

This is one of the first checks you will need to do before you go for any SSD or RAM upgradation. There will be certainly so many unused programs you might have installed in your Windows PC. Irrespective of the age of your computer this good practice will save a lot of space and improve speed of any computer.


  1. Windows ReadyBoost

You can speed up your PC using and in built application called ready boost. If you have Windows Vista or later visions of operating systems this application will help your computer to boost its speed if you have a computer RAM is more than 2 GB


  1. Disable unwanted Start-up programs

There are many programs that will start working without your knowledge when your system starts. Such applications running at the background will not draw much attention but will keep consuming your CPU usage and system slow. Disable the applications which you will not need on a daily basis.


  1. Avoid animations

Disable the animations or customize the animation effect you will want by choosing ‘Adjust for best performance’ within Visual Effects Windows. For example you can disable the windows minimizing and maximizing animations.


  1. Remove Adware and Malware

Install an antivirus in your computer to remove malicious software or adware running at the background. This certainly could slowdown your PC if they infect your computer. Try to use professional antivirus software to identify them and remove them completely from your computer.


  1. Disc Cleanup

Free your disc space which is very much need for your computer to work faster. Clean the temporary files, downloaded program files and any duplicate files. Accumulation of files will only reduce the PC speed.


  1. Uninstall unwanted programs

Too much of anything is will not do any good. Remove completely any unwanted software from your computer. This will both free your disc space as well as keeps your computer works faster.


  1. Reinstall your Operating System

This will be your last option if you do not find any of the tips are working for you. You can use this last technique to reset your computer. However ensure that you take abundant caution before you format your disc and back up all your data files. Once removed your data might be lost if you don’t back it up.