How to get more followers in Instagram

How to increase followers in instagrams

Now a days people are frequently using social media to attracts other people. There is only way to get attracts others only when we have more number of followers. You will certainly like the fact that so many people follow you in your Instagram account. It will also be sometimes depressing if you start to find emptiness in your followership and you tend to get discouraged by these factors. In order to keep your account a happening place you need motivations by the comments for your posts constantly. It will be much more needed if you are after reaping the benefits of social media marketing. You can find below some interesting ideas to increase the number of followers for you in Instagram.


Not to mention you will need to continuously post interesting images for keeping the crowd involvement lasting in your account.


  1. You can post as often as possible. This will only improve your visibility there by your followers. The more the better, however try to keep your posts in such a way it will delight the visitors.
  2. Try to geotag your photos wherever possible. This will increase the trustworthiness when you are into a local business. You will earn the users confidence.
  3. Schedule your posts to maintain consistency. This will gradually boost your follower group.
  4. Create a network by purposefully commenting and liking the unique photos for their excellence posted by complete strangers. Your considerations will be well received and followed too.
  5. Map an influencer and request them to follow you as they may bring a whole lot of followers along with them.
  6. Another statistics says that photos with faces draw more attention. So make use of this trick.
  7. Mention the word ‘Comment’ in your image caption. This will dramatically increase the amount of comments you will receive.
  8. Mirror the photos you post in your Instagram into your news letter to create your own branding.
  9. Use interesting and thought provoking hash tags such as #tagforlikes, #followback, #followminds, etc
  10. Choose randomly the pictures you find in your target audience groups and like them. This historically improved the follow backs significantly.
  11. Conduct a contest through an image and ask the people to click the image in order to enter in to a contest. However keep the audience curious about your contest.
  12. Posting your images on a Sunday could increase the visibility.
  13. Crop the image and combine many images if you want to convey more.
  14. Quote on a trending thing. This should be a timely activity as it may attract a huge crowd when timed perfectly.
  15. Utilize your other social media accounts to promote your Instagram account. Announce people about the type of information they can expect like sneak peeks, latest updates, etc
  16. Comment others in order to gain comments and likes from others. Give and you will get.
  17. Make use of popular hash tags in your image to draw the crowd towards you. Try something like #imageofthemasses, #thoughtfulday, #love, etc.
  18. Try to post images at 02:00 or at 05:00 hrs as they prove to be more effective when compared to other times statistically.
  19. Have only high quality images and get rid of images which are of poor or average kind.
  20. Try using the Mayfair filter which is proved to be very effective filter.
  21. Keep your profile complete which indirectly gains trust for your account.
  22. Do not show yourself as a spammer as this may create aversion for people.
  23. Make titles as interesting and thought provoking questions. This will draw the crowd towards you.
  24. Display your Instagram username wherever possible. Be it on your email or a physical copy of your promotional material.
  25. Make use of a QR code to link your Instagram account if possible.
  26. Create a style for yourself. Make yourself unique by choosing what you post, why you post and for whom you are posting. This will create a trademark for yourself.
  27. Request for action to be taken through your image. Ask people to comment to know what they think.
  28. Build a connect with the user group by revealing a storey through your images.