Top Ten Android Applications

Your search finally ends here if you are hunting for the top Android apps. This single cream list will fulfill all major needs for a mobile user across the globe. A thorough research and expert review based list of applications will help the mobile users to become more relevant to the ever changing apps world. Though the play store provides numerous applications, very few satisfy us completely. So let us take a look at the top ten list of android applications.

1. Express VPN:

It is an ultimate requirement in this highly vulnerable cyber space to have a secured public Wi-Fi. In order to protect your data transfer activities you will need this application which offers SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption. It has servers located in 7 countries which also include Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. This is really a strong VPN which is widely trusted by a huge number of users across the globe. This application attracts the users with its great speed and by providing extremely secured environment. You can definitely go for this application however by paying few bucks.

2.  1Weather

Not to mention the existence of a numerous weather apps, however 1Weather stands out of the crowd with its simple, paginated design which will reflect the updated weather and forecast up to nearly 3 months. This also hosts interesting statistics. Certain features can also be customized that will definitely raise your eye brows. Important alerts such as severe weather notifications enable you to be aware of the approaching storms as well. The simplicity is an utmost design feature attracting the user crowd towards it. This is a free app coming with ads however the paid version removes it. It’s a very friendly and fun facts filled application which you can certainly count up on.

3. The Google Drive suite

This is a must to have app as it is an amazing android cloud storage solution which generously provide 15GB of free space once you register with it as a new user. However, you can buy additional space based on your needs. The uniqueness with this app is that this provides other suite of Android apps which comes along with it. This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, and Google Keep. Also the Photos app provides unlimited photo & video backup, while Google Keep helps in note taking. You can certainly be so sure that this app will make you highly productive. This equally provides platforms for live collaboration, sharing features compatible with Microsoft Office.

4. Google Maps & Waze

This app is certainly invincible which remains to be the one map destination since it was introduced. This free app is updated almost every week which keeps this app a completely reliable in every part of the world. Another feather to its cap is probably only to this app is that it hosts user-friendly options. Thanks to the developers for providing innovative options taking this app way ahead even beyond the users expectations.   This even lets you to use the offline maps temporarily. This even gets better when you add Waze for unmatched navigation experience. You will certainly not like to miss it.

5. Google Now & Google Now Launcher

This is one most strong Android app available for free of cost, since it was introduced it is loved as a powerful personal assistant which informs you about the weather, news, articles on interested topics, flight schedules, voice finding etc. This app is continuously updated to delight you with faster information ever before. This amazing app along with Google Now Launcher enables you keep Google Now in your home screen, which in turn enables even a faster data access.

6. Google Play Music, YouTube

Who can say no to an app to do your more loved activity in most enjoyable fashion. Yes Google play music does a very neat job. This is a special app which offers to play the local content and also stream content. You cannot find such a combination elsewhere. This app comes with an option for you to upload even up to around 50,000 songs to the Google cloud. This exclusive feature allows you to stream and enjoy your favorite songs right from the cloud wherever you are. If you are ok to pay a monthly charge of $9.99 you are then eligible for listening more than thirty five million songs. This app is synonymous to music and video in the cyber space and you very much need this in your Android phone though you might not want to subscribe.

7. LastPass

This is worth a piece of work to protect and secure your passwords at one place. You might have so many accounts which will require one to remember so many passwords. As the current scenario requires people to have almost everything dealt through their mobile phones, this app is definitely a good option to have. Another interesting factor about this app is that this has a complex password generator which will make hacking harder. You can be so sure to have this app installed if you wish to manage your entire password under one umbrella.


This is a fine app to manage all your email accounts under one roof. All you have to do is to create one email account with this email client. Rest  will be automatically taken care by this app where you can log in to all your attached email accounts. Another advantage is this can also be integrated with other apps such as Evernote, Trello, Google Calendar, Zendesk, etc. One point of concern is that this is a paid app. However, this make you realize the worthiness of this product for the price you pay.

9. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher app is a nice to have app if one needs to backup their home screen, icons, themes, etc, from the Android phone. This can also be customized . You can customize your home screen, app drawer etc. This is just a good app for all your data backup needs in your sleek mobile phone.

10. Pocket

Pocket is another free app but not just another. This lets you browse through web pages save the page for later usage. You can read later whatever news, stories you want to read from your social media accounts like Face book, Google Plus, Twitter, News Feeds, etc. Many users love this app for its unique performance; this will be just an extension of your browser which you will certainly love to have in your smart phone.