File Transfer:

File Transfer between mobile and system can be done through wired connection. For that one we need to use data cable. One edge of the data cable will be connected with mobile end and another one end will be connected with our laptop or desktop system. But for this one you need data cable also if you are connecting to your mobile with your system by the time your mobile SD card will not be available for read and write data. This can be only accessible in mobile.

How to share files between System and Mobile without using data cable

To overcome this issue we are giving simple steps to send and receive your photos/videos/audio between mobile and your desktop or laptop.


Steps to do with your Desktop/Laptop:

First you need to download ShareIt application for your desktop version. (Click the following link : )

After downloading the executable then you need to install the binary by double click the binary.

Once install the application you need to click next, next…

Then there will be two option. One is send and another one is receive.

If you want to share files from desktop/laptop to your mobile phone then you need to select send option

If you want to receive files from your mobile you need to select receive option.

Mean while you need to download shareIt Mobile application for your mobile. This can be available in Android/IOS/Windows mobile platforms. You can download it from Playstore or Appstore in this application. Once you download you need to install it in your mobile. After that you can send and receive the files between your mobile and laptop. This is very reliable connection and very high speed data will be transfer between mobile and laptop as well as mobile to mobile and system to system also. Connection will be established by using wifi. One device will enable wifi hotspot and another device will be connect with the Wifi.




Watch above video for live demonstration. Please feel free to share this post if you feel this is helpful. Thanks in advance.