How to use two whatsapp in single android mobile at the same time

Whatsapp is one of the leading android mobile application which is used to send and receive mobiles messages, images, audio’s and videos by using mobile and wifi internet data. In this net generic world everybody having Smartphone with the dual SIM card features. But there is one problem with Whatsapp mobile application which is we can’t use more than one mobile number at the time. Because most of the people using more than one mobile number to connect with other people. Even we can access two SIM card into single mobile device. If you are looking to access one more whatsapp apps with your Android mobile this is the post for you. Kindly follow the following steps to access two Whatsapp mobile apps in single mobile phone.

How to activate two whatsapp mobile accounts into single Android mobile:

Kindly follow the following simple instruction to use dual whatsapp mobile application.

Step 1:

First of all you need to download Whatsmap android application. This apk will not be available in google playstore since this is not trusted application and also due to some other copyrights issue.

Download Link

Hit above link and click the Download link. Then install the same in your android mobile phone.

Step 2:

After installing whatsmap application you need to log into your actual Whatsapp mobile application. And it will continue with regular verifications and all. Once you successfully configured your original mobile number with whatsapp mobile you can able to send and receive messages. (Note: This step should be done with original whatsapp application)

Step 3:

The same details will be copied to Whatsmap also. The whatsmap application also contain the same details.

Step 4:

Then you need to goto SettingsjàApplications settings(or similar)à Whatsapp(Original whatsapp application). Then hit clear data. It will prompt confirmation message to you agree the message.

Step 5:

Now you need to do the step 2 to configure another mobile number in whatsapp (Real whatsapp) mobile application. Now you could able to send and receive the messages in both of your mobile number. Once number will be latched with Whatsapp and another mobile will be latched with Whatsmap.


Anyway the above method will work 100 percentage even though downloading unauthorized mobile application from thirdparty application may cause your mobile phone. So we recommend you to use only single mobile number for whatsapp or else use two smart phone to access two different whatsapp account LOL..

LOL, I could able to understand your mind voice now. If you want to access with different mobile number in single mobile with legal and original whatsapp applicaton you can read our existing articles in the following link. Hope this could have been help you to find it out the proper way.

How to use whatsapp with two numbers on same phone tips