Top 5 Video players for Android mobiles

  1. MX player:

MX player is the best android mobile video players for Android mobile platform. It has lots of features.

Multicolor decoding: This application supports multicolor decoding. Actually this is the first android application which supports multicolor decoding. Also this app performance 70% better than other video players. This application allow you to zoom in and zoom out by swiping the screen. At the same time you could increase and decrease the volume by swipe up and swipe down. This application is more user friendly. MX player supports all the video formats. Also MX player allow you to use subtitles.

  1. VLC player:

VLC media player is the second best android mobile video player. This application allow you to play most of the video formats. This application is a open-source application. By using VLC media player you can play both video as well as audio formats. But still VLC media player version in play store is in beta version. So using this application is on your own risk. This may cause performance issue. But More than a millions of people using this application they might not feel this issue. So this may lead you to take the risk. Hope it won’t cause any problem on your device. More importantly VLC for android beta has got 4.3 starts.

  1. FLV HD MP4 video player:

FLV video player is in third place. This application allows you to create personal video playlist. So you can choose your favorite videos playlist to play your favorite videos anytime. This application will fetch all the video files from your internal and external memory stick. Also it provide the option to search the videos from anywhere from your memory card and phone memory. This application doesn’t required any adobe flash player to play videos.

  1. ALLPlayer Video Player

AllPlayer video player is in fourth place. This application supports Hardware acceleration. All player video player supports sub titles for the all kind of videos. This application might not support MKV and AVI formats. Also this application compatibility with Android version 5. Even though this application supports Android version 4.0 and above.

  1. Video Player Perfect

Video player perfect is in fifth position. The name itself tells that video player is perfect. This application has been downloaded more than one million people. This application allow you to enjoy the video effects. The video player outlook is simply awesome. This player allows smooth playback option. This application will fetch the videos from everywhere from your mobile device and make it ready to playable mode to make your task very simple. There you need to select the videos only no need to waste your time by searching the videos. This application allow to show thumbnails. You can also rename and delete the files from video player perfect itself. No need to find the files in memory card and mobile phone memory. You can easily zoom in and zoom out. This apps supports following formats,

MPG, MOV, RM a, VOB, ASF, MKV, F4V, TS, TP, M3U, AVI, MP4, M4V, WMV, FLV, M3U8, RMVB, MPEG. Almost it supports all kind of video formats.


Hope the above list may help you to analyze best video players for your android mobile phones. The above video players also can be downloaded in google playstore.