How to check someone view read my message in whatsapp Group:

whatsapp voice call supporting versions

Whatsapp provides lots of new features in their recent updates. Recently whatsapp has launched voice call features too. Here I am going to explain one of the old feature of whatsapp. This may or may not know by you. Hope this may be basic but you might search this feature or someone might really want this feature for more days. That’s a reason why we are going to update this features in todaytechinfo.

Whenever we sent message or Image or any other format data to your friends when the message has sent from your end you will be getting single tick symbol. If the same message has been delivered to the receiver end by the time double tick symbol will be display on your message. But the message might not viewed by the receiver. Once the receiver read that message then it will show double blue tick. That double blue tick shows that your message has been read by receiver. I think we all might have good knowledge over those above information. Now we shall coming into the topics.

Who and all viewed our whatsapp message in group tips

  • First you need to send one test message to your Group.
  • After sending the message you need to wait for a while to view others on the message. Once it has been viewed by someone in your group. You need to long press the message and select the message info option which will be available on top of the whatsapp application.
  • Inside message info you can see who and all read your message and who and all received your messages and who and all yet to receive your message.
  • For voice notes we can get the information who and all played our voice notes details.
  • Note : You can view this information only the text message which has been sent by you. You don’t have privilege to view other’s message information.

If you have any doubts and clarifications kindly let up know in comments area.