Top 10 reason behind the success of whatsapp mobile application

whatsapp voice call supporting versions

Whatsapp is the one of the leading messenger app for all the mobile platforms. By using whatsapp application you can send text message, voice note, photos or images, videos to your mobile phone contacts. This application is free for certain period. Most probably in India this application almost provided for free of cost. Because whenever the license is going to expire for the particular users they might send notification to renew the account with the minimum amount of 1$. But people are not ready to pay 1$. But that expire date will be automatically increased to one more years. I think this is happening only in India. May be some other country also validity date getting extended for one more year.

History of Whatsapp:

Whatsapp was launched on 2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum. This application launched only on IOS platform in initial stage. After that they are slowly focused on symbian, Android , Blackberry and windows platforms. Now they are at the position of No.1 messenger in the worldwide. Recently facebook has acquired whatsapp with 19 billion US dollars.

Here is the reason why we need to use whatsapp messenger on our daily life.

  1. Replacement for mobile SMS:

Nowadays whatsapp becomes very good replacement for mobile text message service. While sending text message to our loved one there could have been lots of restrictions are there. We can send 160 characters as single message. For sending message they will charge as per MNO or MVNO methods. Even subscribers have free SMS packs also been restricted to particular SMS per day. So that whatsapp been very good replacement for SMS.Nowadays

  1. Unlimited message sharing:

User can enjoy unlimited texts and voices note and images to anyone. There won’t be any restriction of sending texts. Which help us to be in connected with our loved one. Daily there are billions of messages are sharing through whatsapp.

  1. Voice call features:

Through whatsapp we can able to make VOIP(Voice over Internet protocol) call to anybody who are in our mobile contacts. For making voice call you required to use 3G data or Broadband Wi-fi required. Even with 2G speed also we can make voice call but voice may not be clear at some point. That’s a reason 3G speed is required.

  1. Not an advertisement platform:

Most of the mobile application contains lots of advertisements. But in whatsapp we can enjoy add-free chatting without any interrupts. They will not promote anything through whatsapp. That is the main reason people prefer whatsapp.

  1. Broadcast messages:

Through whatsapp we could able to send group messages which means we can create our friends in specific groups there we could send same message to multiple recipients.  Receiver might not have provision to view what are the people has received the same message. This will be showing it as single message which has been sent only to the person who has viewed that message.

  1. Group chat feature:

In whatsapp we can able to create a groups like work, school, college … etc. There anybody can able to chat, share photos, videos, musics and voice notes to all other people. Same group can have multiple admins. Admin only have provision to add/remove group members. Once admin privilege grated to a group member after that admin cannot revert back the admin feature. He/she can remove the person and add them back like this only we can remove the admin credentials.

  1. Support multiple mobile platforms:

Whatsapp almost supports all the mobile platforms. It supports IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, symbion and other platforms too. Every platform has same features and specifications there won’t be any other restrictions.

  1. Ease access:

We need to process very simple registration steps. You just needs to verify your mobile number that’s it. Whatsapp will keep your mobile number along with your mobile phone. Whatsapp doesn’t have username and passwords. You can directly access whatsapp like your text message. Even whatsapp allow you to check your received chats, images and videos even when you are in offline too. All the data will be stored in your internal/external memory slot.

  1. Accessing whatsapp in desktop/laptop:

Whatsapp provide the option to access the whatsapp app messenger into web portal too. You can access the same into your laptop too. To access whatsapp in your laptop/desktop you need to scan the QR code and your mobile should be in online then only you can access the whatsapp in your laptop otherwise you can’t.

  1. sharing locations and contacts:

Through whatsapp you can able to share your current location to  your friends and family members. Then they can identify your current location and they will find you easily. Also through whatsapp you could able to send/receive your mobile contacts too.