How to use two whatsapp account in one mobile phone device

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Whatsapp is the one of the most wanted application for all smartphone users. Nowadays people are using whatsapp for text message, sharing photos/videos and used to make VOIP calls. Nowadays whatsapp almost replaced mobile text messages(SMS-Short message service). People are started using whatsapp instead of SMS(short message service).

Why we need to use two accounts on single mobile phone:

Most of the smartphone has dual SIM features. But Whatsapp application support to use only one mobile number. Suppose if we want to use another number with the same mobile phone is not possible. Here we are going to explain how to use another mobile number in same whatsapp application.This can be done through two possible methods. Here we have explained two different methods. First method is bit tough and it required some additional permissions. But I would like you to choose for second method to switch your whatsapp mobile MSISDN.

Method 1:

Pre conditions:

Before you are going to proceed the following steps you need to have root permission on your mobile device. And you should have installed whatsapp application.

How to use two whatsapp account in single mobile device:

Step 1:

First of all you need to download switchme app from google playstore. This application available for free of charge. No need to pay even a single penny for this application.

CLICK HERE to download Switchme app from playstore

Step 2:

You need to open the Switch me app. To open this application you need to grand super user credentials.

Step 3:

You need to create an another profile in switch me application with another name. After that you can also choose the switch me option with created user names. Once you have selected the option your mobile phone will reboot once with in 5 minutes your mobile phone another account will be log in to the system.

Method 2:

Alternate and simple method:

If you feel this may harm your mobile or else you don’t want to use your mobile with rooted permission to any application we have an alternative method. Just follow the following steps to use alternate numbers on your mobile phone for whatsapp.


First you need to go to settings. And then go to Account after that you need to click on Change number option. Then press Next which shows on the right corner. In the next page you need to enter your current mobile number and the number which you want to change also you need to enter. Then whatsapp will send one time password to verify your mobile number then it will switch this number into existing whatsapp account.

The major problem and advantage of switching mobile number are:

You will be available with new mobile number in all of your existing whatsapp groups.

If somebody blocked you in whatsapp you can text them with this new mobile number. Also you can able to view their DP and status too.

Also you can bring back your old mobile number with the same steps.