How to remove your mobile number from Truecaller application

Truecaller mobile applicatio logo

Truecaller is the one of popular mobile application where we can get the mobile number details. This is a kind of mobile number directory where we can get the users details. This application available for all the mobile application platforms like Android, IOS and windows too.

Use of this truecaller application:

  • TrueCaller application is completely free usage android application. You need to pay for this application for some additional usages alone.
  • We can get the details of the unknown mobile numbers by using TrueCaller apps.
  • TrueCaller help us to block the spam and marketing calls or some unwanted mobile numbers.

How TrueCaller generate mobile number details:

TrueCaller is the one of the best and biggest mobile number database. Whenever you install this application on your device. While installing it will ask confirmation allow this application to access read user data. All the application we give this permission while installing. So this application will read all of the contact which stored in your mobiles. After that whenever some query the number it will generate it from the database.

Is TrueCaller is safe?

No. This application is not safe. In your mobile device you might have your sister’s number, office colleagues(Girls), girl friends number. Some unknown person may randomly check the numbers by the time your sister’s number or any of the relatives number may get it from that unknown person surely this will be the worst experiment. So better uninstall this application from your device and save your sisters and known girls.

Ok I understand your question. Are looking to un list your mobile number from trueCaller here is the very simple steps. Kindly follow the simple steps.

Step 1:

  • First you need to open TrueCaller application.
  • Then go to settings. It is in Meà Settings.
  • Then Click About there you can find the Deactivate account.

Step 2:

You need to click this link

After opening the above link. There you need to enter your mobile number which you want to remove from the trueCaller account. Then mention the reason after that click UNLIST button. After that your number will not listed on TrueCaller mobile application.

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