Top 10 most expansive domain name till 2015 year

Everybody have some good knowledge over internet domain names. If you are a blogger or webmaster you might know where we can buy domain names and all. Normally domain name price will be starting from around 10$ in all over the world. This may vary based on the extension of the domain. .in or .net domains little less than .com domain name cost. By the same time, .edu or .asia kind of extension domain name cost more than other domain names.  There are so many premium domain names are selling based on auctions. There are several websites are available to sell such a premium domains

Domain name flipping:

Don’t think domain name flipping is the recent terms. It has been there for while. We all might have an idea regards website development where someone will create website and sell it to their clients. But I don’t know how many of them have idea regards domain name buying and selling. Buy the premium domain name and sell it to some other is called domain flipping. Most of the people they purchase some premium domain names and post their website in flippa website. In that website interested people will bit the price for that domain names. Once they have set the high price within the auction date they can get the domain name.

Here we are going to list out top 10 high rated domain name list. Hope these details will surprise you.

10. have been purchased in the year of 2006 with the cost of $7.5 million dollars. This site is for online diamond shopping.

9. was acquired in the year 1999 for 7.5 million dollars. You may think why this site has been listed for 9th. Because this domain name has been purchased on before 7 years. That’s why it has been listed here for 9th place.


Facebook network has been purchased this domain name with the price of 8.5 million dollars price. This domain name used to redirect to


This domain name has been sold with the cost of 9.5 million dollars price.

6. domain name has been sold with the cost of 9.9 million dollar price. The purpose of the domain is for financial advice but the domain name has not been live so far. I think the owner of the domain may have idea to resell this domain name.

5. domain name has been acquired with the price of 11 million dollar price in the year of 2001.

4. is the one more porn site in this list. It has been sold for the price of 14 million dollars. This domain name sold in the year of 2010. This domain name linked with one of the most searched keywords in all search engine.

3. is acquires for 16 million dollars in the year of 2009. This domain name is the third highest price list domain name in all over the world. This domain is used for insurance advices.

2. has been sold for 30.18 million dollar price. This is to provide the private jet service. This is the second highest sold domain name all over the world.

1. is the highest sold domain name in all over the world. This domain name has been sold of 35$ million dollars.