How to activate Whatsapp voice call features on IOS/Android mobile

whatsapp voice call supporting versions

Few days before there was a rumors spreading in online social media by saying that whatsapp has launched voice call and ask them to click the following links. But after that only we came know that was a false information. That website has been recently created and also that website affected by malwares.

After this fake information finally Whatsapp has launched voice call features on smartphones. But they have not yet launched this updates on google play store and iTunes. They have launched this features for beta testing. Once this features gets stabled then only they will launch this updates on google play stores and apple iTunes too. Now everybody have a doubts how to active Whatsapp voice call features on your mobile.

How to activate whatsapp voice calling features on smartphone:

Here we have listed few simple steps to activate whatsapp voice call features.

  • First you need to download whatsapp latest version. As we already said this latest version was not updated with goole play store or iTunes too. So you need to download this apk files in whatsapp official website. Click here to download whatsapp latest version.
  • Then you need to install downloaded apk files on your android or IOS device.
  • Go to settingsà Help à About you can find the Whatsapp mobile apps versions.
  • Wait this process has not yet completed. Because you might not have voice call features. Till now. If you want to use this voice call features. You need to get a call from your friends/colleague/neighbors who have already activated whatsapp voice call.
  • Once you got a call from your friends mobile number. Within one day your whatsapp new interface will be activated. There you can see call history and some other features.


Note: Suppose if your friends or your know people do not have activated whatsapp voice call features. Just send me your mobile number through mobile or just mention your mobile number on comments we will activate your mobile number by calling from my mobile.

My mail id is todaytechinfo[@]gmail[dot]com

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