Top 5 best remote desktop access software for windows XP/7/8/8.1

There are several reason we need to access some one’s system from your system. Suppose if you want to troubleshoot your friend’s system or your client system or someone else would like to access your system by the time you need to install remote desktop access software in your system as well as your friend or client system too. You might not privilege to copy your office data into you external device to work from home. So that you need to access your office system into remote mode. Here we have list out top 5 remote access software.

  1. TeamViewer:

Teamviewer is the one of the best remote access software. If you want to connect with TeamViewer both system should have installed teamviewer application. First you need to authenticate your system to connect with host system. Both Id and password will generate automatically. Other end user need to enter host system username and password to connect with other device. By using TeamViewer you can capture the video recording of the host system’s screen. Voice chat also can be possible. You can speak together with TeamViewer application.

  1. Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is the very lightweight software. It doesn’t required you to do any other additional downloads on your windows operating system.

Step to enable Windows Remote Desktop:

  • First you just need to go to windows System Property settings by right clicking the My computer.
  • Then Click Remote settings.
  • Then you need to enter IP Address for the other computer which you want to connect. That host machine should have already installed Windows Remote Desktop.
  1. UltraVNC

Ultra VNC is the open source remote desktop access software. This software supports only windows operating system alone. It supports Windows XP,7,8,8.1 as well as 10. Like all the remote access system this is also required to install in the both end.

  1. Aero Admin:

This is one of the powerful tool to connect remote desktop. It allow users to perform multitask. This software interface looks like very simple also very user friendly. So that everybody can easily access this software without having any previous experience. Some software may charge you for commercial purpose. But this software can be use freely for both personal as well as commercial purpose too. All the data transferred through this software is fully secured with AES and DES encryption. This is fully portable application. This aero application supports only widows operation systems(XP,7,8).

  1. Chrome remote desktop:

This is not a external software. It’s a one of the extension for google chrome application. This extension can be used only in the google chrome browser. This is completely free. Also this extension available for all the platforms. It supports IOS, Android mobile platforms.