Mircoma YC Yureka mobile phone:

Micromax Yc Yureka is the one of the leading sold out mobile phones in India. This mobile phone has excellent features and specification with low budget. 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera that seems great. 4G supported mobile also. Whenever amazon opens sale for this mobile phone it will be sold out within 3 seconds. There are huge crush over this mobile in Indian people who are looking for budget mobile with stunning features. Here we are going to discuss about the mobile features along with the drawbacks. Because we all knows about this mobile phone features. That is the main reason why I want to explore about the drawback for this mobile phone. I agree there are huge amount of features available for this mobile phone but the drawbacks also considerable. Kindly look into that. Those issues have been identified by my friends. From their experience only I am writing this article.

Mircomax YC Yureka mobile phone’s drawbacks and negative reviews

Display issue:

Display mentioned as 1280×740 pixels. But it not looks like Full HD display. The display not looks very sharp. Whenever we are zooming the display pictures its not looking good. Images are broken when it has been zoomed.

Battery Backups:

The mobile has 2500mAh battery. It seems good. But the mobile is taking almost 3 to 4 hours to get full charge. Sometimes charges will be completing till 90% after that it will not complete even after 2 to 3 hours. Even battery dries very early. Battery will not stand for a day.

Camera issue:

They are saying camera quality is 13MP. But it is not even looks like 8MP camera. Some other mobile like Redmi 1S camera is better than this 13MP camera. Remember that redme 1s mobile phone camera is only 8MP.

Heating Problem:

Not all the micromax mobile phones having heating problem. But this mobile has heating problem. This mobile will become heat after 1 hour fair usage. Sometimes it is heating while charging. Most probably this mobile phone will not suit for hardcore gamers.

Audio Quality:

Audio is not proper during call in outdoor place. We can’t able to listen the voice clearly with the noisy area. Also this mobile doesn’t have 24 bit audio. The audio output makes me to feel disappointed.


Amazon selling this mobile phone with 8999Rs in India. But the same mobile phone was selling by payTM with 14000 +. I don’t think this mobile phone will be worth for 14000. Before you are going to purchase new phone you must know the cons of the product.