How to unlock forgotten Android mobile pattern


Now a days world becomes smartphone world. Everybody has crush over smartphone. And also they are keeping their personal data inside their mobile phones. If they never want to share their data to other people they used to protect with passwords or patterns. Mostly peoples who wish to use patterns to unlock their mobile phones. The main reason to use pattern is it is very easy to unlock the screen and also very easy to remember.


Everybody has this issue. Suppose if we newly changed our e-mail account password by the time we used to remember only old password we may completely forget our newly changed password. In email there are so many option to get back our forgotten passwords. Moreover we use recovery email id or mobile phone recovery. Here I am going to explain how to recover your android device with forgotten pattern unlock method.

What we need to do when I forget Android mobile phone patterns:

There are two possible way to recover your forgotten android device’s pattern passwords. One you need to verify your google play account through your mobile devices and other option is you have to reset your mobile phone or else you need to delete all the user data.

Recover Your password pattern by using google play store account:

  • First you need to try possible pattern options upto five times. After that it will ask you to wait for 30 seconds for retry.
  • In the bottom of the pattern you can find the option like “? Forget Pattern”.
  • You need to press forget pattern. Then it will prompt you to enter your google play store user id and play store password.
  • Once you have entered your already registered google mail user id and password then it you need to select new security lock options.
  • If you don’t want to use any password over there you can select none.

Note : To use this option your data should be enabled. Suppose you have disabled your data by the time you cannot use this method.

Recover your mobile phone pattern when your data not enabled:

Suppose if you are not enable your mobile phone data by the time you can’t able to verify with your google play store account. So you need to reset your mobile phone.

Steps to recover mobile forgotten mobile phone pattern without internet access:

  • First you need to switch off your mobile phone.
  • Then hold “volume up + Home Key + power “ buttons together till the mobile phone boots. Some mobile phone might not have home key button so you need to hold volume up and down button along with Power button. (If this combinations also fails just google it regards reset factory set for your specified mobile device).
  • Now you can able to view DOS commands on your mobile phone. You can select the options by navigating volume up and down buttons.
  • You need to select “Restore Factory Default” or Delete all the user data” or something related to this.
  • After selecting your options your mobile phone will be reboot once again.

Note : For this method you might lose your all the data. Including your mobile phone contacts and your installed mobile apps.