Microsoft windows 10 with Spartan browser :

Microsoft recently launched Windows 10 operating system to the end users. There are lots of user interface changes made in this version. Altogether they have made one more big changes. Whenever we buy windows operating system or update our windows operating system to new version by the time we have Internet explore browser as a build-in browser. But this time they have step into new web browser.

It is the good news for the windows 10 users “Microsoft will be given Spartan browser to the windows 10 users”. Anyway they also given Microsoft Internet explore web browser also. You may get two different browser as a default browser in your new windows 10 operating system.

Why Microsoft opt for Spartan web browser:

There are lots of reason behind this Spartan browser. Because we all get windows operating system with internet explore browser. But how many of them using the same Internet explore browser as their default browser. This is going to be a biggest question mark. The answer is so many people not really accept internet explore browser as their default browser. Once they have installed OS. Then they will download google chrome or Mozilla firefox browser or opera browser.

Microsoft has made lots of changes in internet explore UI but nobody ready to accept it. That is the main reason to choose Spartan browser.

Microsoft trying to retain their clients to use their own web browser. But the result will be in users hand. Anyway nowadays people who are addicted to google chrome and Mozilla firefox so its very difficult to bring them to use Spartan web browser.