How To Come Up With An App Idea For App Development?

With the evolution of technology and many software devices, application development has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. We all want to come up with an application that will be used in the years to come. Getting a good concept for an app idea is not an easy task. There is a need for creativity and innovation when it comes to app development. Shying away from exploring one’s creativity scope is no longer an option. With the boundless world of technological development and bundles of different mobile device in use, there are many app ideas that a person can come up with.

great idea for app development

There are certain issues to consider when coming up with an app idea. Since application development is a long process and can require the help of an app development company, it is good to try and ensure that the idea is functional at best. The functionality of an app idea is crucial, because without that the app idea is rendered useless. Professionals should be consulted on the specific idea that you have so that they may guide you towards improving your idea. Networking with app development companies is also a good idea, as it enables the practicability of the idea to be discovered with the company will assist in the technological viability of the idea.

Coming up with an idea entails knowing what needs are in our day-to-day lives. This can be a great source of help when developing an app idea. Be careful as not to make a replica of what is already in the market. Nobody wants to download or buy a duplicate of what already exists. Try and make a better version of an already existing app if your intention is not to come up with an original application.

An app idea does not necessarily have to be something totally new to the market. One can make an analysis of what is already in the market and check out what is missing from the already available apps. Alternatively, research can be done on what makes other applications so successful apps and use that to come up with a good app. In case there are several ideas in mind, brainstorm on these ideas and find out which one is viable for development.


When selecting an app idea, make sure it is attractive and it targets a wider market. Whether they are teenagers, business people, make sure it captures attention of the greatest number of people. An app idea, say for example in regards to gaming, will attract teenagers depending on the concept of the game. An action game will attract the male audience whereas a game with female protagonists will mostly attract the female audience. Whichever way you do it, make the app appealing to as many people as possible.


Application development requires ample research. Do not get impatient in researching on how to make an app work. Selecting an application idea is the first step, the second step is researching on the application and its possible features. Features can always be improved with time but this is not to say that features are not important. Competition will always be there when it comes to ideas, but this shouldn’t stop anyone from making the best out of an application idea.


The good thing with applications is, they do not have related to certain topics like social media or games. You can explore the world of creativity by considering game apps, commercial apps, social apps and many more. The playing field is leveled for all. The greatest mistake one can make is to not capitalise on their app idea’s full potential. Do not sit on a good app idea thinking “no matter how it is executed, it is destined for success”. Someone might just beat you to the idea. Get innovative and think of different ways you can put your app idea to use to earn revenue. Many people have turned around their apps into money-making successes, and with some efforts you can do it too.

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Sushrut Padhye is a computer engineer and an MBA from Deakin University who lives in Melbourne. He is a former ping pong champion who has written informative articles on technology and designed websites in the past. He now works for a mobile app developmentcompany, designing, developing and marketing apps.