How to provide ES file explorer for root access in Android mobile

ES File explorer is the one of the popular file explorer for Android mobile. From this application we can able to access root file systems and directories.  Whenever we modify the file system files by the time we need to use root permission or else we need to run some scripts or need to install some other application to do those tasks or else we need to apply some patch files.



How to change ES file manager privilege as root user

  • First you need to download and install ES file explorer application in google play store.
  • Go to application and launch the ES file explorer application.
  • Menu will open by the time you need to press the option button which is present in left side corner of the mobile.
  • Press the button. Some menu option will be open in that menu option you can find the Root explorer option. That option currently in off mode. You just need to ON the option. Then it will show warning message. If you have a good knowledge to access android mobile root credential then press allow otherwise press deny and leave from the option. If you have accessed some files wrongly or deleted some system root files which can’t be retrievable.

Procedure to process the above step in image format.

Hope this step can be easy and understandable .

STEP 1 :


STEP 2 :

final screen record





Note: Grand root access is not the perfect idea to try until you don’t have clear idea to proceed.