How to install drivers automatically for your laptop/Desktop

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There are so many laptop or desktop models provided by HP,Dell and lenovo brands. But nowadays its very difficult to found the drivers for those laptops. My personal experience recently I have purchased HP 240 laptop but the drivers whatever provided by hp website for that specified model was not working to my laptop. I already have windows 7 genuine operating system so that I planned to purchase with free doss. Once I completed OS installation I was not able to install my drivers. Then i tried to download some other drivers. That is also not working I felt tired. Then only I came to know about automatic driver software. There are so many software that help you to install automatic drivers for your new or old laptop or your desktop.


Slimdriver is the one of the best software to install perfect drivers for your desktop or laptop.

How to install specified driver software in Slimdrives:

First you need to download slimdrivers software then install it.

Open slimdrivers software Then you may come to know how many drivers updates are available then click start scan button.

It will scan all the required drivers and display the available drivers.

You need to click Download and update option for the corresponding drivers. Then it will download and install on your laptop or desktop. While installing those drivers your system may restart several times.

Don’t skip the restart you need to let it restart then only the drivers will install perfectly. Otherwise it may corrupt.

Like this you can install all the drivers.



If you want to install hp supporting drivers. You can use HP support assistant official hp software to install hp drivers for your hp laptops. This is also very similar to slimdriver. You need to scan the application . through this application you can install all the drivers except network drivers and Bluetooth drivers which means except network drivers you may get all the other drivers.

How to get network drivers (WLAN or Bluetooth driver) for HP support assistant:

To install hp wireless drivers you need to install hp wireless support assistant in your laptop. Then you need to scan the wireless drivers then it will display all the required wireless drivers update. You can install the required drivers for your drivers.