Use Google Related Links to Display Related Articles in Your Blog

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The term “Blog” is an abbreviated term of the word “web blog.” It is a term that is used to describe the different web sites that uphold an ongoing record of information within it. A typical blog features links and diary type commentary to different articles on the other Web sites. This information is generally offered as a list of events in a reverse chronological pattern. The range of blogs is usually very diverse. It ranges from the political events to the personal proceedings, and can even have the potential to focus on one particular subject or a complete range of subjects.

Importance of Google:

Google Labs has a wealth of amazing as well as unbelievable services and apps. Some of them help to have an understanding of the web apps of the next generation, whereas the others help to get the exact content, for which a person is in search for. Without any doubt Google is the most imperative medium for any blog writer to get the desired amount of traffic into their blog or to a website. And if in case any website is not at all friendly to Google then arguably it is ineffective in the context of the present day world scenario. Keeping in mind this fact, from time to time lots of new apps and services are being introduced by Google. The aim behind these types of introductions is that it helps the webmasters greatly to get more and more traffic into their websites.

Blogs on the internet:

When the blog of a person is on the internet, at that point of time it is very true that there is a huge demand for a greater amount of traffic for the blog. There are numerous ways in which a web blogger can attract more number of visitors into their websites and/ or blogs. One of the significant ways of doing so is by adding some helpful links into the blog. The same aim can be achieved by also adding Google Related Links for the blogs. The advantage of doing so is that it makes the visitors to spend a longer amount of time on the blog for one or the other reason.

Google Related links:

The Google Links are one of the latest Google Labs service. The significance of this service from Google is that enables a person to add a list of associated web pages and different types of related searches to a particular site. It is a bit different from the homonymous service that has been released by Google in the year 2006. The latest Google Related Links put a ceiling limit on the results to the sites. The Related Links is a very important tool available at the hands of the webmasters to increase the number of page views on their blogs or sites. Provided a page on the site of choice, the Related Links can pick the most correlated pages from that site and then display them in a gadget.

Use of the Google Related Links:

The use of the Google Related link for the purpose of increasing the number of traffic in a particular blog is an extremely powerful technique that is frequently used in the present day world. Irrespective of the size of the blog the use of the Google Related Link in it is a tremendously popular method. It is so because the quality links are assured to bring much higher exposure to the blogs on the internet than without the use of the links.

Efficient use of the Google Related Links:

Though the Google Related Links are extremely useful for increasing the number of traffic in the blogs but the blog writers need to be bit sincere with the use of it. The word of caution with this technique is that sometimes the related links may overshadow the content of the blog. This is because of the updated information present in the links. Sometimes it is also observed that the visitors take due interest to come into a blog when they finds some useful links attached to the same.


It is very much clear that the use of Google Related link in the blog certainly increases the amount of traffic to a great extent. The traffic not only increases but it also helps to display the related articles than the other methods which are intended for the same purpose. So, if anyone is looking for the ways to display the related articles on their blog, then without any doubt the use of Google Related link is the best way to do so.

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