Top 5 application for Apple Iphone

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There are many required software for your Apple I phone application. Here we are list out the required applications for the your Apple Iphone mobile. Apple is the best product in the mobile in the all the mobile. Even there are so many mobile production company like Samsung, Nokia, Micromax and Sony are there but Apple is the best in the list. Most of the people who prefer Apple IPhone only because it has very less crashing report of application.


Whatsapp :

Whatsapp is the one of the best application for all the smartphones its available in all the mobile smartphone platforms like Android, Windows, IOS and some of the Symbian operating system. You can share photos, videos and audios through whatsapp with your friends. You can chat with your friends. It will automatically add your mobile contact lists. You can send and receive the message who are in your mobile contacts. you can create groups in whatsapp application. There you can share your message to the particular groups. Only admin can add group members. Others can share messages, photos and audio’s. How to start/stop Whatsapp application automatic downloads



Skype is the one of the important required application for IOS users. This is used to make voices calls and share messages. From skype we can make IP to IP calls and also IP to GSM calls. Which means you can make a call to the another skype application in free of cost. By the same time you can make non skype subscriber with very low cost. The voice quality is very clear. And also it requires very less amount of data. Even with 2G also you can make call very clearly. SKYPE application for android device.

TrueCaller :

True caller is the application which used to identify the unknown mobile numbers. Whenever you are receiving call from unknown number you required to  call back to the specified number to know about their details. But sometimes they might not reveal their own identity. If you want to know their number you can simply download this application on your mobile. Whenever you receive the calls from the number it will automatically fetch the caller name and display it. Make sure your data should be enable for this application. Or else you can enter particular number manually to in the true caller search bar then you can get the details for that number. Mostly you may get caller name and locations. But this result generated in various manner so we can’t tell this is 100% true. How to find the mobile unknown mobile numbers.


This application has more number of users in short span of time. This is the application we can edit and share our pictures. It has various editing features. You can share your photos in instagram. This application has unlimited space access. You can send your personal photos and videos to your friends.

Adobe reader:

This is the application which used to read pdf files. You can give comments in sticky notes. This application provides store and access in the cloud. Adobe Reader for Android Mobile phones