How to make your mobile phone as “Unreachable “ instead of switch off or ignore the call :

Mobile phone not reachable

There are several reason to make your mobile into unreachable. Whenever you are in out of coverage at the time you might have received unreachable tone. If you doesn’t have wish to attend any of your phone calls by the time you might have use the following tips. You may ask to us why we need to make it as unreachable instead of switch off or send busy tone by disconnect the call. If you are simply hang down the call or disconnect the call by the time the called party might be feel bad about you. It will clearly show to the person who are calling you that you are avoiding them. This will not give good relationship in future. And also you are switch off your mobile phone by the time caller will get angry over you because they came to know that you are switch off your mobile. Suppose for urgent purpose of office work or some other urgent communication if you switch off your mobile they will get angry over you. To overcome this issue we are going to give tips for you. If you make your mobile as “Unreachable” by the time they can’t argue with you. Because this is network issue. You may not required to answer for network issue.

Immediate or sudden breakdown in the network:

Whenever network is breakdown by the time you will get the unreachable tone instead of switch off tone to be caller. You need to remove your battery when you are using the phone. Which means you need to call someone or else you need to browse the internet by the time you need to remove your mobile battery then you mobile will send not reachable tone to the caller.

Turn flight mode or Airplane mode:

You need to change your mobile into airplane mode or flight mode then your mobile will get unreachable. But this trick will not work 100%. So before you are going to try this trick you need to check with yourself.

Enclosed with Steel container:

Steel container always restrict network coverage. You need to keep your mobile into fully covered closed container. When you keep your mobile into the closed container at the time your caller will get the “Unreachable tone”.

cellphone signal blocker pouch

“cellphone signal blocker pouch” is the gadget which will not allow signal for your mobile. It will jam your network signal. So your mobile will be in not reachable. This gadgets are available in online websites.

Reject list:

You can keep your mobile contact into blocked list. This feature available in the android mobile. This will restrict the call not even allow with the single ring. This time your caller will not able to hear not reachable or unreachable tone also they might not hear switch off tone. This will not allow even a single ring so they will imagine themselves that your mobile has been switched off.

Remove SIM from SIM slot tricks :

Some mobile we can insert/remove SIM card in the outside. If your SIM slot is outside you can remove the SIM card outside without switch off your mobile.