Can I have more than one channel in Youtube video channel:

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Now a days there is a habit to share our photos and videos in the social networking websites. Youtube is the one of the best video sharing social networking site. There we can share our personal and creative videos without any limitations. There are the possibilities to add the videos more than 15 minutes.

I am trying long time for this questions in google. It seems there is no possibility to create more than one channel with the one Gmail account. For this you need to create more accounts to access the different youtube account. Because we may looking for different kind of videos so we may required more number of youtube page. There is a complexity we need to know all the youtube video page user name and password. I hope that is not going to be a biggest task. Because we can set same password for all the account.

Say for example :

If you have Gmail mail id as you can create more number of accounts similar to and and etc. For each and every account you can set the same password. For every account you can link other youtube accounts with a single adsense account. So you can monetized all of your account with the single adsense connected. But you should have been very careful when you use same adsense account because if you violated any of the youtube/google adsense policies all of your earnings will be blocked. There might have been possibilities to permanently banned your adsense account. Make sure when you add adsense account with youtube you should not use copyrighted content on your youtube channel which is monetized. Also you should not upload unwanted contents.

Youtube is the one of the best earning resource if you are posting some good videos you could have earn more money. But they are very strict in copyrights so make sure that you should not use other content. Once you are adding a video you should have your own copyrights for all of your videos. It should be yours in visualization, it should be created by your own voice and you should not use other’s background music or you should not use the music of cinemas. If you own CD/DVD that time you purchased only for your own purpose that should not be added youtube.