Why we need to add no follow links:

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There are several reason to use no follow links on our web page. The main reason we may need to link some website links on our website for some reason. Say for example if you are writing the review about some products or particular website at this point you need to mention the particular website links on your website. If you are adding the particular link on your site google search bot will follow the particular links too. Also your search engine strategy can be shared to the particular website which you doesn’t link to share. Also there are some possibility that google may share your page rank to the particular website.

Do you wish to share your SEO strategy:

If some one asks are you really want to share your SEO strategy to anonymous website. Which may expire in future also the page may get 404 not found. If your page has more number of not found error google will consider your site contain has more number of broken links. Also you make get more number of errors in google webmaster tool. If you make the particular links as no follow after that there is no need to worry about this kind of broken links or some unknown links.
There are two possible way to set no follow links on your page/website. It can be made use of entire page or else it can be made use of the particular links alone. My suggestion is that we can set particular links as no follow when you are using one to three links.If its is more amount of links you can set the particular page as no follow. Google search bot will no consider the links which has been placed in the particular page.

How to set no follow links on your site:
You can set the mata tags to inform the search engine not to follow the particular page. This no follow attributes appears in the page level meta tags.
<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />

You can place the above meta tags on the particular page.

There is the possibility to add nofollow attributes to the particular links. It has to be handle very carefully. This is the simple step to convey the google bot not to follow the particular link. Also it will provide most gradual control over external link.
<a href=”http://todaytechinfo.com” rel=”nofollow”>Today Technology Informations</a>

What are the possible case to use nofollow attributes:
There are several reason we need to use nofollow attributes to the external links. Untrusted content is the main reason you should use the no follow attributes. Some bloggers or website owners promoting their own blogs or website by spamming your site. You should have make this as no follow. You should not encourage comment spamming.

When you are promoting some website for monthly basis charge or some other basis at the time you required to transfer only traffic not your SEO strategy so you have to be very careful to add links as no follow. This should not be accept as do follow.If the advertiser not accepting for no follow at the time you may titled as advertisement. for that google will not consider the particular links.

sign in and sign up pages shoud be made as no follow. Because Bots will not sign in and sign up your website. so you should not give sign in and sign up page as do follow. It will degrade your search feasibility.

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