How to prepare for interview:

interview questions

It is very easy to get a job in campus interview when you good in basic skills. But if you are not get a job in campus interview there will be very difficult to get a job outside. There you need to face so many new experience. Because there are so many people will come for interview for a single job. You have to survive against them. There are only one possible case that you can survive with uniqueness.

Suddenly in your mind raise the question how to be unique? There are several way to be unique. If you are being normal that will be the first skill for uniqueness. Because the world is ready to act in various way for getting job. Suppose if the interviewer asks questions “Are you ready to work for 16 hours per day?” mostly the people will say yeah I am ready for working 16 hours. But the real fact we can’t work more than 8 hours maximum. At this kind of situation you have to be frank at the same time you need to react with a smart manner. You answer should be like “I am ready to work for 16 hours only rare occasion when there is a urgent work. If it is routine time I will not accept”.

Whenever you are going for interview go with formals. That will give good appearance over you. When you are waiting outside don’t be nervous just be normal. Once any one come out from the interview room don’t show any interest to ask the regards interview surely they will monitor your behavior. Even if you go and ask them what happen inside the interview room and what are the questions has been asked from the interviewer that should be a waste of time because they will not ask the same questions. Also one thing they will always ask the questions based on your response. So if you don’t know any part of the questions better you can avoid that questions. You have to speak with good sound. It should not be more loud at the same time it should not be low level voice. Speak with medium voice.

When interview asking questions you should not be hurry. You have to be calm and listen what interviewer asking once he/she complete the questions then only you need to start your answer. Also keep on your present with interviewer words don’t ask them to repeat whatever they have asked. Keep listening and then reply with proper answer. If you don’t have an idea about the questions tell them I don’t have any idea regards this questions. Or else you know only some basic information about the questions convey the basics to the interview. Also mention that I have  only basic ideas or theoretical knowledge for the particular questions. It is not a mandatory that you should know whatever questions he/she has asked. But it is a matter how you respond with them and how you are behaving inside the interview room.

First of all every interviewer will starts their questions with introduce yourself. Just mention your name with educational background. Just say what is your father and mother. Don’t mention your father or mother’s name unless they have asked. Mention where are you from and what is your hobby and tell your positive aspects. By the same time they will ask your negative aspects don’t tell anything. Just mention I am understanding my negative aspect by the same time I am rectifying my negative aspects. Then most of the questions related to your self introduction. After that they will come in to the technical round. For technical round you have to respond with correct answer. If you don’t know anything technically just say I will learn as soon as possible. If you don’t know anything its not your fault not to know about it. So don’t be afraid. Even if the interviewer tells this is basic you don’t aware of basics too means don’t feel and don’t lose your hope. There could have possible to get the job in the same company they might test your pressure handling capacity.