TryPAL – Latest Android Application review : 


TryPal Overview:

Trypal is one of newly developed application by Plintron Global Technology Private limited. This has been their first android application. But we can’t consider they are new in software field. Plintron Global Technology is the one of the leading software concern. They are doing very well in telecom related applications. They are taking care of entire applications for telecommunications. But now their eyes are focusing on Android applications. More over this is their first android application. But it seems very good and highly extraordinary. This application has several features.

TryPAL applications features :
User can experience highly designed User interface.
User can connect with their friends in free of cost to all over the world.
This can be act as VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) as well as IM ( Instance messenger) too.
Through VOID user can make voice call with their TryPAL friends also it has feature to make GSM calls with very cheap cost.
TryPAL application will sync their contacts automatically.
From this TryPAL application you can chat with your TryPAL friends freely. Also you can send text messages too.

How to register into TryPAL:

For registering into TryPAL is very simple. You have to choose your user name and password. In this user name column you have to mention your mobile number. There is no possible to type alphabets. Some of the people mentioned in comments that they are not allowing user to type user name in alphabets. Then you need to fill your personal details such your first name last name details also address information. Also need to enter security questions for recovery purpose.

How to login to TryPAL application :

They above screen shot is the TryPal application’s log in page. In this page you can able to login to your TryPAL application. To login to your account you need to select your country and mobile number also password which ever you have entered while registrations.

How to recover Forgotten password :
You can recover your forgotten password in very simple manner. First click on Forget password link in the TryPAL application. It will ask your username and email id also your security question and password and country. Once you provide all of your details then you will get notification message with your password. Also they will send notification mail through email.

Positive aspects in TryPAL:

VOIP call audio quality seems good. Even with 2G itself sound quality seems good. This will support 3G and 4G also. Also we can expect more additional features and offers in this application. More over they are telecom development company so we can expect more from them in GSM calls.Video call also supported.
Negative aspects :

That is the only disadvantage as per my experience. There might be some more disadvantage in it. Because every new product might have some more bugs or defects. Once if we found we will update you soon. More over its similar to Skype, Viper and whatapps nothing more than that.

They are new in android apps. But they have highly deserved development team. Hope it will rock in smartphone world very soon. There is no doubt about it.

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