finest tablets in the market     A good tablet is a very useful device which helps you in study, taking notes and improves your knowledge. We have listed top options catering for various budgets with few tips on how to max out their productivity. We will discuss about few small tablets and you already have laptop or desktop, one of these will be an ideal portable accomplishment.

 Having a Look at the Finest Tablets in the Market:

  1. iPad Mini 2

Though very expensive, it is the best compact tablet available. This is from Apple and operates very smoothly having great battery life. It will serve the required purpose if you are looking for portable companion to capture notes, taking to classes and for reading when out. It is good for entertainment for seeing movies, TV and playing games. On opting for original iPad Mini, you can save some money by using Flipkart coupons but may lose some of the processing power and high resolution screen. It comes with the Microsoft Office onboard and has good internal storage of 32GB. Battery life and display are average and this is not suitable for watching movies or games. You can also operate it as a cheap laptop by pairing it with a keypad.

  1. iPad Air

If price is not your concern, iPad Air is the best choice. It is slick, extremely slim and has stamina. If you combine it with something similar to Moshi Versa Keyboard case, you will get an apt laptop replacement. Many useful educational apps are available for iPad and this is the obvious choice for film and graphic designers. If you can spend a little more, go for minimum of 32 GB version for maximum performance.

  1. Nexus 7

At this price, year old Nexus tablet of Google continues to be the best in market. It is reliable, fast and offers best Android platform. It can fit in a large pocket or in a bag and is perfect for web-surfing and quick note taking. This is part of the select group which gets the Android updates ahead of the rest.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This multi-tasking tablet does little of almost everything and has nice display and S Pen comes very handy. With this you can have up to three apps simultaneously on the screen. It has been packed with a lot of features. Once it is paired with Bluetooth Keyboard which you can buy using coupons of Snapdeal, you will be ready for any work.

  1. LG G Pad 8.3

It is a nice tablet custom interface of LG is quite smooth. QSlide and QuickMemo apps are very useful for taking of notes and multi-tasking. It has biggest screens in compact category and has a lot of processing power. Its storage can be expanded via microSD card slot.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Pro3 can serve as laptop replacement and is very useful for taking notes. The combination of good stereo sound and quality display makes this perfect for kicking back after the class and has good battery life. It is different than the competitors as it has power to run full windows apps. If you find the price too expensive, you may go for older model. Get the best price and coupons for tablets at