seo clients     Search engine rankings have to face everyday ups and downs in the market because of the daily changes in their protocols. Because of these changes the rankings of the websites keeps on decreasing and increasing as per the methodologies used for SEO. So the issue is that with this continuous increase and decrease into the search engine rankings lead to the loss of SEO clients. The best way is to make use of organic SEO Strategy but even then you are losing up on your clients, here are some tips that can help you to retain your SEO clients. 

1. Show the slope of SEO

     This slope of SEO helps to put a powerful impact on your clients and help them in understanding the SEO results managing their requirements. Every SEO company try to convince their clients with all the promises that are made by every SEO firm to their clients. The thing that one should understand is SEO does not happen overnight. According to the Hub Spot’s Infographics human only remember 10% of what they hear but they can recall about 80% of what they see. In other words you can directly show the results to your clients, just don’t tell them.

2. Show them the Content

     Content Marketing is playing a very significant role in the world of SEO. Unique fresh and interesting content is what attracts people the most. So show your clients that you are providing with updated and good quality content to their clients. This will show a wonderful impact on your clients and they will be forced to work with your organization. The content that you are providing should be SEO optimized and should contain keywords in it to attract Google crawler along with your targeted audience.

3. Incentivize Your Account Manager

     Your account manager is the person who has to keep your SEO client happy. It is also the part of their job to build a great relationship with your SEO client. This has been said that it is your account manager’s responsibility to get rid of the client but not resigning to your sales team. Both the options are good but it is better to resign your client than resigning on your own team.

4. Design a brief about a Next Phase Strategy

     Towards the end of your SEO campaign you need to meet up with your team and have to discuss the campaign results, the excitement of your client level, and the strategy for next phase of the SEO campaign. This is very important for your SEO services. You should make your client excited about the next phase by showing them a brief about what you are planning for the next step. Otherwise there will be no reason for them to be retained by you.

5. Schedule the last meeting with your clients:

     The last step for retaining your SEO client is having a campaign review meeting that should be held before 2-3 months before your campaign ends. Do not forget to discuss with your clients about how the SEO campaign went including the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy.

These 5 steps will help you in retaining your clients with you. So follow up with these points and keep your clients with you only.


Author Bio: Anna Brown is a web enthusiast and working as a chief web designer with Xperts Infosoft and has worked in a number of SEO and SMO projects and has a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it. After from her designing work she writes articles and blogs for her interest. She has a personal blog too. You can follow her on Twitter and can catch her on Facebook.