apps for ios gadgets     The bumptious word about the upcoming IOS 8 is spreading more vigorously than any other news. Rumours or prediction- if comments could be fortified then clearly the vision about the IOS 9 will be clear to the world. The current news that is revolving around this upcoming gadget is the presence of HealthBook in this overwhelming gadget.

Yes! The similar HealthBook that Samsung had possessed, Apple is expected to enroll itself in the era of health and fitness world with IOS 8. Recently it was revealed by one of the sources that IOS may now be upgraded with dubbed HealthBook, in precise an innovative app which will take care of its user or people around. Interface of this HealthBook may resemble the procedure of passbook but with different entries like weight loss, distance crossed and most important the counting of calories burnt.


What if this rumor is alive?

If this is the real case then you may be assured 24×7 that your fitness trainer is accompanying you and this app may function more smartly and efficiently then remaining fitness tracker including FiBit Force. Earlier in iPhones 5s Apple had already introduced M7 motion co-processor which had maintained track of certain similar things. If the HealthBook is the truth behind the upcoming IOS 8 then no doubt the utility of M7 motion co- processor could be properly exploited.


So what could be detected by this HealthBook?

It is expected that the limit of this app will be horizon and it will surely fulfill your expectation of unexpectancy. It is said that apart from measuring your blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate, heartbeat , hydration levels, respiratory rates and total nutritional news it is going to commence some new task than the available fitness trackers. Some images about the appearance of this app are also announced by some source.

This will surely create a revolution in the world of Apple hardware as till now none of them had such innovative feature. It is also in rumor that I Phone 6 may exhibit certain new sensors but the best option will be to rely upon this iWatch source and too wait till September’2014 for IOS 8.

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