HTC an acclaimed manufacturer of tablets and smartphones has introduced the One M8. HTC One M8 is a chic slender piece and looks vibrant from the front and glossy at the back. The fine material used on top is sparkling 90% aluminium metal, an improvement from 70% used last year. The surprise package of the design is the shiny rear. HTC has earned a grand name with Desire and Butterfly and the M8 has greater surprise elements with regard to better design.

The dimension of the screen itself is 5 inches bigger than its predecessor, and according to sources, which will involve higher dexterity usage. The firm aims to bring out the best in smartphone technology with One M8, by bringing in a bigger measurement and screen display.

htc one 8 full review & features

HTC One M8 – Features & Specs


     HTC One M8 is a progression from the earlier piece, and sources say that every facet of the phone is an improvement from the past. The primary visible source of inspiration lies in the glittery aluminium metal, which is now 90% pure compared to 70% used in the current phone. The phone is curvier from sides and rear, and the handling effect is smooth. HTC One M8 weighs 160g and 9.35mm thick. Customers will be stunned with the colour choices of silver, metallic grey and champagne gold or rose. The varied identity of HTC One M8 from the earlier phone is the headphone jack is now fitted on the bottom. There is a microSD slot which is not too easy to handle because of the dense nature of the drawer, which nevertheless might become easier after prolonged usage. The storage capacity of microSD is 128GB, which can extend from its internal memory choice of between 16 GB and 32GB. HTC One M8 is covered with plastic on top, and sources say that it might be because of antenna technology, where infrared signal controls the display and motion aspect of the phone.

There are thin strips of plastic on the back of the phone, and the material has amazing absorbing capacities to take in Wi-Fi signals into the chassis. Sources were not too happy with the typing encounter, because of the sprinkles of plastic. The unlocking procedure in the new HTC One M8 is smoother than the earlier product.



     Blinkfeed is HTC’s signature feature first introduced in 2013 HTC One, here there is a list of updates and apps stacked in a grid, and has task reminders, calendar appointments, tips, socials feeds, news updates. The initiative to introduced BlinkFeed is to stack everything into one segment that can be directly accessed from home screen. The app will bring in exciting happenings from around the globe, and users can trap what happens in the world in just a few seconds.

     The Blinkfeed app in HTC One M8 is an improved version, and loads of apps can be tucked into a grid. The colour combination is pseudo mint green, Blinkfeed is an essential and reliable app to source numerous contents in a sector, and HTC has taken this innovative software design technology to a whole new level with HTC One M8, and is a pathway to smartphone wonderland. Users can access everything like sports, entertainment, social networking sites, and many others.


Power pack:

     HTC is among the top brands in mobile world, what it did not have is an admirable battery flow, apparent in HTC One. The company has revived the battery capacity to a much higher degree evident in HTC One M8, and it not only offers prolonged battery movement for a day, but stretches to a couple of days. The battery capacity is now 2600mAh a vast improvement from 2300mAh, and most of the credit should go to Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. The Snapdragon 801 is merged with 2GB RAM, and a leap from the earlier phone. 


     The camera is an improvement from the 2013 model, and is engineered with the innovative Ultrapixel technology. The image resolution is a marvel in all light surroundings. HTC has used a depth sensor, plugged above primary camera, where users can actually refocus captured images. HTC has indulged in a pioneering thought process, and has changed the face of camera technology using hardware not software approach. The end result is incredible capturing speed, when the camera is still in motion. 


Improved speakers:

     HTC has used superior sound technology with an upgraded speaker on the front, to blend in with the increased dimension. It is miles better than the earlier model, and the former HTC One 8 has powerful speakers, and the new piece is engineered with greater acoustics technology. The voice output amidst vibrations is crystal clear and consumers can expect to have a blast listening to latest tunes. 



Fitbit is a health app that has all the beneficial information about fitness like the type of exercise, distance travelled, calories burned, weight, food plan and amount of water consumed. 


Dot View Case:

     Dot View Case is a feature to watch out for and works like magic, the front cover has many tiny holes, out of which most is covered except for the ones in front of Boomsound speakers, to enable effective penetration of sound without hindrances. Dot View case on HTC one M8 is different from LG and Samsung phones. The perforated front cover displays information about time, weather, and notifications like missed calls, new messages and so on. The magical part of it stems from the bright lighting on dots.

HTC One M8 has loads of trilling entertainment; the display screen is a full high definition type. The fun-filled entertainment apps are



     The presence of microSD compartment has caused a transformation; HTC One M8 offers the best rhythmic music. The rhythm at which the beats move is mind blowing contributed by 2.5V amplifier inserted into headphone jack that enabled superb acoustic movement. The extended storage volume of 128GB calls for extra storage area.                                                                                                                


     HTC One M8 has an organized compartment of video entertainment, arranged vertically. To reveal the features from top to bottom there is watch now, my movies, my TV shows, on devise and shop. HTC One M8 has the best of everything with regard to design, entertainment features, and camera and battery power.


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