how to create a successful blogBlogging is one of the best way to earn money in internet, but build a successful blog is not easy. Because success is not obtained overnight it also applies to the blogging. There is a real hard work and patience are hidden in every successful blogs. In the business aspect Blogging is a real profitable platform for many people, at the same time some people did not unable to shine. So in this post we are going to discuss about “how to build a successful blog”.

Tips to Build a Successful Blog in just 3 Months :

Find the Perfect Niche :

      If you want to start a new blog, then choose a new niche. The niche must be focused on your blog’s feature contents (which will wrote by you). for example if you are interested to write about photography, then the niche must be the word about the photography.  The niche must be short and perfect, don’t choose a niche, which includes numbers. If a niche has remembered easily it will develop quickly.

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Choose the Best Hosting :

     If a blog is run by wordpress, hosting is the very important factor in the development. So choose a best wordpress hosting company and best plans for your blog, the loading speed of a blog is depends upon a good hosting. A best hosting is which has a nice plans (maximum bandwidth) and comes with reasonable price.


Use SEO Themes Only :

     One of the ultimate feature of the wordpress is it is SEO friendly blogging platform, and choosing SEO friendly wordpress themes are really helpful for the SEO development. Seo themes are the themes which has light colour background and dark colour font. Don’t use Magazine type themes for your wordpress blog, because it will kill your blog’s loading time.

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Write Quality Posts :

     Content is the king yes content is the major factor for a successful blog, because it convert the people into the regular visitors. So try to write a great post with quality contents every time. If a blog has not a quality or attractive content, then all other works are waste (like seo work). 


Do proper SEO :

     SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a one of the important work in the blogging, it helps to display your blog’s url in the search engines results. The proper SEO includes – create xml sitemap, add sitemap to the major search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc, On page SEO (use proper heading tages in your posts and build internal link within your posts), Off page SEO (build link between your blog with other quality blogs, directories).