MX Video player for android tablet MX Player is the popular video player for Android gadgets. It comes with some incredible features like supports multi core decoding.  The pinch to zoom feature helps to zooming by just pinch the screen. This app supports all format of video files and we can watch videos in different qualities. And we can edit brightness and volume by swiping the screen. With this app you can enjoy videos in any time anywhere.

Features of MX Player Video player :

  • It is the first Android video player which supports multi-core decoding features. 
  • Easy to Zoom in and Zoom out by Pinching the display. You can easily zoom the video display by pinching up the screen. By the same way you can with opposite direction you can zoom out the video.
  • You can easily increase the volume by swiping on the screen to the up direction. Maximum volume limit can be 13. If you change the audio decoding mode then you can use maximum volume limit upto 25. But sometimes this kind of settings will make noise. Decrease the volume also you can perform it through swiping down.
  • You can easily increase and decrease brightness by swiping up and down on your right hand side.
  • Most probably this will be supporting all kind of video formates. This application supports .avi, mp4, mov and more video formats.
  • Kids lock features allows users to safe this app from kids. While giving your mobile to your kids you can enable this feature then they will be restricted to perform the operation on the display. Only they can able to view the videos.
  • This application available in all the smartphone formats like Android, IOS, windows plateforms. In android it will support Android 2.1 and above versions are required. 


Download – MX Player App Download