How to increase Alaxa Rank :

how to increase alexa rank

Most of the bloggers / webmasters dream to increase the alexa rank for their websites. First we come to the point , What is Alexa rank? It is the tool that is used to rank websites that rated by website traffic. But how its working and whether its real or not. We cannot judge the Alexa rank based on the real traffic. Here we have the tricks to increase the alexa rank for your websites. Its very very simple tricks only. Just install alexa tool bar on your browser and check your alexa rank simultaneously. We are sure your alexa rank will increase soon as possible. Try at least minimum 10 times per day. And let your friends to do the same for your website. Hopefully it will useful for you.

And one more important information Alexa rank not going to helpful for your website as well as your business. And that never helpful for search engine like google, yahoo and bing too. Its just ratings only. We cannot judge the website’s traffic through alexa rank. And SEO not based on the Alexa rank. And we do not know how many visitors of your site having the knowledge of alexa rank. Its only known webmasters like us only. No common people have this kind of knowledge. In my personal advice do not focus to increase the alexa rank.

Then why all the bloggers are focusing on alexa ranking. Here is the only two reason to focus the alexa rank. Its useful for web hosting sellers, online buy sell sites, And the site focused for webmasters. And another use of the alexa rank is one who wish to sell their website in huge amount of cost.

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