Best Alternate Advertisement network for google adsense :

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Every blogger/webmaster’s dream to earn money through their blog or website. But most of the blog/website rejected by google. Google is the emperor of advertisement network in all over the world. If you don’t have google adsense or if google disable your adsense here is the tips for you. We have alternate ads for google. Here we are going to discuss about best alternate ads for google is chitika.

Yes Chitika is also pay really more money like google. If your website has more traffic you can make more money through chitika. Obviously they pay more money for CPC method. Their ads are looking like a search result so there are many possibility get more clicks and make more money. They also provide mobile ads too. You can make money through mobiles also ( if your website has more mobile traffic ) .

Their minimum payout is 10 $ only through paypal and 50$ through cheque. They really pay money. I have got more than 100 $ per month through Chitika. Hopefully you will get more than me.



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