Fingerprint Lock Screen :

finger print unlock android apps

Fingerprint Lock Screen is the one of the useful apps for your Android mobile. It is used for security purpose. This apps used to lock and unlock the phone. This apps is customizable for your finger print by using scanner. This is work fine. You can trick your friend that you mobile phone allow access with your friends.

How to unlock your mobile phone :

The trick is to set up the number of cycles it will scan before it can allow you to unlock the phone. Place your finger on the scanner and hold it and choose number of cycles. So if you choose 3 cycles then you wait for it to scan 3 cycles then take your finger off and boom you unlock the phone. Set this number below as it is your secret to unlock the phone.
Your friends do not know the trick , you can simply pretend that it works only for your fingerprint.

  Download : Fingerprint Lock Screen –  1.7MB