Air Alert :

Air Alert

Air alert is the one of the famous and best entertainment game. This game has 4.3 star level review. so it sounds good review by the users. This is one type of helicopter barrage game. You need to drive your helicopter very carefully and kill the enemy by using different types of weapons or missiles. Completing mission is not gonna be the easiest task to do. This game is little hardest game. You need more concentration and experience to play this game. We are very sure this game is going to be the very good entertainment for your free time and it surely reduced your work pressure.

Features of the Air Alert Android game :

  • This game is the 3D screen game.
  • You can challenge you score.
  • You can use 3 types of helicopter.
  • Here we have the possibility to tract the missiles.
  • Three different type of difficulty options.

Download : Air Alert Android Game – 15 MB