Mario Parody free download for Android Tablet

Most of us played Mario Game before. Mario Parody is the similar kind of game of Mario. We are sure you will enjoy this game. This is similar to Mario with new characters. This game has improved Graphics and much more funs. You should run and jump over the monsters. You also collect the coins to get more life. Candy used to grow bigger, star is to equip yourself with fire. And you can fire only when you get yellow star. By firing you can kill the monster.

Mario Parody game free download

If you don’t have fire power you can kill the Monster by jumping over the Monster’s head and kill the Monsters. But some monster cannot kill by jumping their head. Those are Black thorny bird, the wearing head fat bear, the eating flowers and throny trees. The best way is just escape from them if we don’t have fire power.

And the most biggest tragedy is some Monster also have the fire power. You should kill them before that fire on you. In this game has 45 levels. It is very difficult to reach the final 45th Level. All the best for you to reach that 45th level.

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