Caller Name Talker free Android apps

The Caller Name Talker Android apps used to speak out the incoming caller’s Name. Which could help you to identify who is calling you, without seeing the mobile phone. And important thing is this apps completely free. You no need to pay anything for this apps. This apps has been developed by built in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller.

Caller Name Talker

The Features of the Caller Name Talker apps :

  • You can disable this applications without uninstall this application.
  • The caller name to play only if the caller name is in the mobile contact list.
  • You Can customize your voice message before and after the caller’s name. Suppose if your contact name is Anderson you can add additional message like calling then voice will come like Anderson Calling.
  • You can change the speed of the voice.
  • you can pitch settings.

Download : Caller Name Talker free Android Apps 

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