Free Offline English Dictionary for Android Tablet :

Now a day dictionary is one of the essential thing for the people in some situation. In earlier days most of the people carry a big size of dictionary on their hand. That was very difficult to find the word which they are looking for. We need to find that words manually. So that is the very difficult task for the people. Now a days every people using smartphones. So they can simply type the word in the search engine like google with in a minute they can found the word whichever they are looking for. But that required internet connection when we does not have internet connection at the time this will be the difficult task. Here is the application which run without internet. You can easily found the meaning of the word which you are required to find. This Dictionary is very easy to use. It has 172000 English words with definitions. This definition based on the wiktionary. You can get meaning in a single click.

Offline Dictionary

Features of Free Offline English Dictionary :

  • By using Offline English Dictionary you can leaf through words using in your finger.
  • This can be installed in the SD cards.
  • It is also integrated google search box.
  • To get the meaning the words internet is not required. You need to use internet only if the word doesn’t found in the search.
  • By default this dictionary has more than 174000 words included.
  • It is easy to book mark also they have provided option to take back up
  • There is a option to access random words that is used to learn new words every day.
  • You can change the appearance. There are so many themes are present by default so you can choose the theme.
  • This apps also provides Dictionary API for 3rd party developers.Any developer can reuse the API on their own applications.
  • It is also has suggestion search words. Which may help you to find the relevant words.
  • Also there is a possible to access this dictionary based on voice command. If you want to enable voice option first go to Android settings, select voice input and output and then select text to speak settings. There will be lots of text to speak engines will be available. There you need to select English language.

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