How to use Rage Faces on Facebook chat box:

You can create various rage face into your chat by copy and paste the below coding into your chat box. The rage face image which will appear, emoticon-like in its existence.

Facebook Logo design

Troll face: [[171108522930776]]
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME:  [[143220739082110]]
Not bad Obama: [[169919399735055]]
Me Gusta: [[211782832186415]]
Mother of God: [[142670085793927]]
Cereal Guy: [[170815706323196]]
LOL Face: [[168456309878025]]
NO Guy: [[167359756658519]]
Yao Ming: [[218595638164996]]
Derp: [[224812970902314]]
Derpina: [[192644604154319]]
Forever Alone:  [[177903015598419]]
Not Bad:  [[NotBaad]]
Fuck yeah:  [[105387672833401]]
Challenge accepted:  [[100002727365206]]
Okay face: [[100002752520227]]
Dumb bitch: [[218595638164996]]
Poker face: [[129627277060203]]
Okay face: [[224812970902314]]
Socially awkward penguin: [[98438140742]]
Rage face: [[FUUUOFFICIAL]]
Lamp: [[100001256102462]]
No:  [[167359756658519]]
MOG: [[142670085793927]]
Feel like a sir:  [[168040846586189]]
Forever alone christmas:  [[125038607580286]]