Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime: Selfie phone from Samsung

Just like the current crop of smartphone users, the manufacturers have also been bitten by the selfie bug. In the past couple of months, we saw many devices that give more priority to the front camera as compared to other features on the device. We saw even

Top five File manager applications for Android mobile

Top five File manager applications for Android mobile: File manager application used to view your file systems. From this application you can view your memory card and mobile images, audios and videos collections. But this applications vary in user interface based on different applications. Here I am

Micromax Android One A1 features and specifications

Micromax Android One A1 features and specifications : Now a days micromax becomes one of the leading smart phone sellers list. Because of quality and introducing lots of models. Once they started selling CANVAS model then they reached good position among people who likes to accept changes.

Blackberry Passport vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Blackberry Passport vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Blackberry is back with a bang and has made something that everyone will love because people do expect things out of the box. With its new Passport smartphone, it is giving a good competition to many latest high end devices.

TryPAL – Latest Android Application review

TryPAL – Latest Android Application review :  TryPal Overview: Trypal is one of newly developed application by Plintron Global Technology Private limited. This has been their first android application. But we can’t consider they are new in software field. Plintron Global Technology is the one of the

Top 6 Finest Tablets in the Market in 2014: Complete Review

     A good tablet is a very useful device which helps you in study, taking notes and improves your knowledge. We have listed top options catering for various budgets with few tips on how to max out their productivity. We will discuss about few small tablets

5 Easy Steps to Make Your SEO Client Stick to You

     Search engine rankings have to face everyday ups and downs in the market because of the daily changes in their protocols. Because of these changes the rankings of the websites keeps on decreasing and increasing as per the methodologies used for SEO. So the issue

Nokia Lumia 530: 5 features need to know

     With the introduction of new Microsoft Windows Phone operating system, came in the new crop of Nokia Lumia devices running this new operating system. The previous device in this series, Lumia 520 has been quite a popular one. This dual core device running Windows Phone

Top 5 phones for Taking Selfie Photos

     The whole world has caught the selfie fever. This is because camera phones have become so affordable that now everyone is carrying around one in their pockets. And with so many pictures being clicked, you can’t go rushing to strangers all the time and ask

BlackBerry Z3 – Best Price in India, Features and Specifications

     BlackBerry is all set to take on its rivals, by launching its latest 5 inched ‘Z3′ handset in India by the next week. This is considered to be medicating launch of BlackBerry for the tough competition that the company has been facing globally from its